In the spring of 2012, we, five graduate students from IIT Kharagpur, along with two of our friends undertook a trekking expedition in West Sikkim. It was one hell of a trip. We wanted to preserve our fond memories and decided to put down our experiences in the form of a photo blog. We had no plan of extending our blog further at that time.

Soon we graduated from college and dispersed around the world. While one trekked the famous Mt. Fuji, the other had a hike in the volcanic mountains of Indonesia, while some of us explored the width and breadth of India, some other had a dream trip across Europe. We were excited about the fact that our trekking team had collectively travelled almost half of the globe. At this point, we decided to include our individual travel experiences in this blog.

With the passage of time and without much of our effort, our blog started getting lots of views. In the meantime, each of us made new friends having the similar wanderlust that we commonly valued. We invited those friends to share their travel experiences too. And thus the blog started its own hitchhiking ride through unknown locations and fresh adventures.

It is fascinating how the descriptions of our friends’ experiences take us along to those unknown places, how we feel the chill of a Dutch winter sitting in our Chennai office or how we feel the smell of Darjeeling tea sitting in the research lab of Warwick. It is a liberating feeling.

We hope that our readers feel the same as we do and enjoy the journey with us.

Happy reading!

About the nomenclature

On our journey to Sikkim, the first part was covered by a sleeper class train. Given the economic conditions of the research scholars in India, it was an obvious choice. In the sleeper class trains in India, upper berths are preferred because one can go up anytime for a nap and also for the proximity to the moribund fans. Upper berth also invokes the childhood memories of long overnight journeys with families.