Film development

a child, I used to shuffle through my dad’s film cupboard. The worn out black-and-white films from a different time used to give me a nostalgic feel. Those films were developed and printed by my father in his custom made darkroom in the Shyambazar house. Unfortunately, all the equipment was gone long before my birth. Since then I always carried a desire to have a personal lab for printing films.

My wish was partially fulfilled in Japan. I did not print the films myself (the equipment was expensive and I possibly could not take them back to India easily) but could develop them in my apartment. I bought the chemicals from the Yodobashi Camera store in Machida. I also bought the required accessories including film development tank, dark bag, measuring beakers and a thermometer. Since film chemicals are toxic, I bought gloves and mask as well.

Here are some of the photos that I have developed. But since I do not have a film scanner, I had taken the photos of the negatives and inverted them in photoshop.

  1. Camera: Olympus OM-1
  2. Lens: Zuiko 50mm f/1.8
  3. Films: Ilford Delta 3200, Fuji Neopan 400, Fuji SS 100, Ilford HP Plus, Kodak Tmax 400.
  4. Developer: Kodak D-76
  5. Stopbath: Ilfostop
  6. Fixer: Ilford Rapid Fixer

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