Asakusa is in the north-east part of Tokyo district. This place is famous for the Senso-ji temple, the oldest temple in the district of Tokyo. There are old shops for antics and traditional clothing. This place, unlike most of the other part of Tokyo, gives you an old Tokyo feel.

Coming from Kolkata, where hand-pulled rickshaws still exist, I was surprised to see similar rickshaws here. Back in Kolkata, this form of transport started getting criticism for being ‘inhuman’. Though, unlike Kolkata, rickshaws here are mainly for entertainment purpose.

The main entrance of the Sensoji Shrine is a big red gate called Kaminarimon (“Thunder and Lightning Gate”). On two sides of the gate are situated two fearsome idols of two Shinto deities Raijin (god of thunder and lightning) and Fujin (god of wind).