The allotted work-load was over after a hectic week. So, I planned for a long-awaited weekend trip to Ghatshila. It was long-awaited as it is one of the easiest and nearest tourist destinations from Kharagpur. Finally, I along with two of my friends: Suprabhat and Kunal started our journey to Ghatshila on a Saturday morning of September 2011.

By 8 o’clock in the morning from Kharagpur, We started off Ispat Express and it took about 2 hours to reach Ghatshila. On inquiry, an auto-driver helped us to find a hotel. The hotel was economic (took Rs. 350 for a room for three of us per day) and at 10 minute’s walking distance from the station. Soon after finishing the booking formalities, we retired in our hotel room. Sitting back on a couch, I was enjoying the rural beauty of the neighbouring places as rain started by.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (2)

After a fresh shower and early lunch, we called an auto. We hired the auto for the day’s trip.

Day 1:

We started the first day’s trip by 1 pm. The first destination was: Phuldungri, a small hillock just outside the town. We hiked all the way to the top in about 20 minutes.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (3)

From the peak, one can partially skyview the town. We climbed down soon to move towards our next destination: Burudih lake. The route to the lake was through numbers of villages and canals.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (4)

It is an artificial lake located beside a ridge of hills. Due to the presence of these hills full of lush greenery, Burudih seems more beautiful to me.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (5)

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (1)

Kunal loved every bit of the lake and the lovely clouds in the sky.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (6)

By peak-seasons (Puja or Christmas), boating rides are available in this lake. We missed that but, spent quite some time there roaming by the lake-perimeters.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (7)

From Buridih, we went to Gouri kunja, the former residence of famous Bengali author Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyaya. The great author wrote some of his best writings while staying there. Surprisingly, the keeper of the residence claimed himself as the “APU” of Pather Panchali.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (8)

From Gouri kunja, we moved to HCL (Hindustan Copper Limited) on the bank of Subarnarekha river. They do allow inside only on certain occasions or with special permits. Hence, we stayed on the banks of the river.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (9)

We spent quality time by the southern bank of the river while shooting grass-hoppers, a rusty and desolated factory, a small falls meeting with the river and people around.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (10)

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (11)


Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (12)

We had tea in a local shop, roamed for hours beside a canal which is passed as the falls and visited a nearby-temple.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (15)

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (13)

Later, we started moving towards town. On our way back, we visited Pancha Pandav hill. After hiking for 20 minutes, we reached the top. The view from the top was ecstatic.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (14)

We located a deserted house after getting down from the hill.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (16)

We were getting late as we planned to visit sunset at Ratmohona. It is located at the bank of Subarnarekha.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (17)

After visiting Ratmohna, we returned to the town. The auto-driver charged us of Rs. 900 for the whole trip. After the trip, we had snacks and by 7 pm, we reached the hotel. The manager asked us to return to the hotel after dinner as soon as possible due to recent Maoist chaos. Hence, we had dinner and slept early.

Day 2:

After a tiring trip on the first day, we waked up late in the morning. We had our breakfast, roamed near the market-area and finally got ready for the day’s trip by 11 am after bathe. We hired an auto again for the second day’s trip. We planned to visit Galudih dam, Rankini temple and Narwa forest near Jadugara.

Galudih dam is about 10 Kms distant from the town. The dam along with surrounding hills makes a pristine beauty. We spent about 10 minutes there before leaving for lunch at a roadside Dhaba.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (18)

After lunch, we moved towards Jadugora. Then, we visited Rankini temple and moved on.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (19)

With another pleasant drive through a forested area, we reached Narwa forest. We hiked up the top of Jadugora hill for about 1 hour. The roue to the top was adventurous and picturesque. we spotted a few snakes, lizards and colourful butterflies on our way. It has a temple on the peak. All our tiredness was gone when we saw the surrounding hills from the peak.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (20)

After enjoying the beauty for a while, we climbed back. The wildness and tribal-life is still very much prominent in this part of Jharkhand.

Ghatshila_upperberth_krishnendu_ghosh (21)

With the end of the daylight, our journey ended and rushed back to our hotel. By late evening, we caught Tata passenger from Ghatshila.