Hakone is one of the popular destination for tourists near Tokyo. It is even nearer to Atsugi, the place where I used to stay.

Two-day and three-day passes can be obtained from the stationsc.  All of the bus rides, ship rides, rope-way rides and cable-car rides throughout the trip are included in the pass..quite a deal. Though we had only one day at hand, we decided that the pass would be profitable. We bought 5020 yen pass from HonAtsugi station which included the journey by the Romancecar.  Romancecars are trains with large glass windows and double seating arrangements possibly keeping in mind the honeymoon couples and hence the name. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romancecar)


The ship that takes tourists through lake Ashi


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Many people in Japan has the hobby of fishing. Here some men are fishing in the lake Ashi


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A couple walking through the Sedar avenue



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We spotted some fancy cars here. Many of them were ‘topless’


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Fishing in the lake Ashi

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Series of trees on the mountains surrounding lake Ashino.

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View from Ropeway

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Boiling egg in the volcanic valley

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These eggs, hard-boiled in volcanic hot water, is said to increased longevity by 7 years. I took two of them. 😀

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Hakone Ropeway

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A park in Gora

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This lady was drawing the landscape in the front

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The Hakone-Tozan cable-car line.

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Entrance of Hakone shrine. These gates are called Toiri gate

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_DSC9730 copy

Me in front of the Toiri gate in front of the lake

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Moto Hakone

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A desk in the ticket counter of boating

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A fisherman I guess

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We were unable to spot mountain Fuji on that day. So I concentrated on the other mountains instead.

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A jet trail in the sunset sky

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