Being at Kharagpur, Tajpur or nearby beaches (like Digha, Mandarmani, Talsari, Junput, Shankarpur, Udaypur, Bankiput and most recently Bichitrapur) are the prime weekend destinations. Trip to beaches never bores one; it changes with every wave, with every sunshine and each of the clouds. Although we have visited those places at least twice a year for last 8 – 9 years, they have kept amazing us always. Hence, when we had to choose destinations for a pending-party-turned-sponsored-trip, we relied on Tajpur, the beach of the Red Crabs.

After a month of heavy rainfalls, three districts of Bengal feared for flood. But August had seen rain playing truant for the first two weeks. When you want to take a break from the routine humdrum of life, nobody cares for weather. We attempted questions like ‘what if it is still warm’, ‘what if the afternoon sun is blazing’ by pre-booking an AC Scorpio for Rs.3300 (Contact: 9434243492). But there were no options for compromising with exquisite sea-foods, everyone shouted at me.

To experience the beach during sun-rise, we fixed time-to-start at 2 am. Accordingly, we had plans for early dinner followed by a short nap on the day-before. Some abode by the plan; rests didn’t. But, nothing stopped us from enjoying the trip to the fullest. It was 3 hours of enjoyable journey courtesy to the breaks and smooth driving. We had our first break near Egra for having tea and buying necessary toiletries. Second break was uncalled for; due to a puncture.

After Balisai we took right when we turned the AC off to enjoy the nature and feel the onshore-breezes.


As we travelled by the road, on both sides we see state-owned bheris, which are large pools of brackish water to cultivate prawns and shrimps. Finally, when we reached the Tajpur beach, the sun was about to rise.


We located some shop-keepers busy cleaning their shops before opening; other locals fussing their daily businesses.

The sun rose by the time we got drifted away cherishing those moments.


In our daily campus-life, we hardly wake up that early. That may one of the reasons why the cockcrow amazed us so much.



With the elapsing time, we witnessed the gradual drift in colour and ambience.



We ordered tea and breakfast in a near-by stall and in the meanwhile, captured the fugitive red-crabs …


… and playfulness of the dogs with them.


With recent declaration for a port at Tajpur, one could spot lots of construction works which would attract more and more tourists in coming days. Although, the title of “virgin beach”, hence, can no more be tagged with Tajpur.



Finally, the shop-keeper asked us for breakfast. Due to lack of manpower, we helped ourselves a little to fill our hunger.


Afterwards, we contacted our hotel owner: Swapan da (Contact: 9002517183) to arrange our accommodations. We deposited our bags at the allotted hotel room, booked for all of us at a nominal cost of Rs. 800 and got freshen up. After relishing pomfret-fries, we set for the beach.


After the long drive he had, we suggested our driver to have a nap at the hotel room. But the fiery sun or the sheer tiredness couldn’t deter him from the fun of the soccer session at beach.

So, we came to the righter flank of the beach, which was nearest to our hotel, for play. It provided us with a roll of hilarity when within a moment after starting the game, Nilay skidded to the wave.

But when several players started slipping even before passing the ball, we spotted the mucky beach after water receded. Searching for proper locations, we went towards the beach near the watching towers. Playing after the first-half of 30 minutes, we opted for rests by the waves.


Soon, clouds started emerging gradually and rain started.



With the vanished Sun, bathing in the ocean became more fun.



We concentrated in posing as the clouded arena with drizzles created a nice backdrop for us but, …

… our driver was eagerly waiting to start the second half of the match. Rejuvenated after the rest, we oppressed our opponent in that half quite a bit. Finally, I managed to score a goal to provide our team with a victory by 1-0 margin.


We were completely exhausted and panting heavily. Yet, we enjoyed the sea until it was mid-day. Afterwards, we went to a shop to have coconut water …

… before retiring to the hotel finally.

We took our bathe and went to Swapan da’s hotel for lunch soon.


We finished our lunch with palatable dishes of Hilsa, Chicken and crabs.

Due to sheer exhaustion, we chose to have a little rest. By early afternoon, we came to the beach once again to get soaked in the fresh sea breeze …

… before getting lost to the artificial chilled ambience of the car.


With the choirs of the ocean in-ears playing lullaby, most of my friends drowsed in their seats only to find themselves in the same campus by late evening.


The trip ended abruptly like a dream, but dreams do often come true. Don’t they?