This Pondicherry trip was long due. We had been planning this trip since Tirthankar’s return from Europe. I had been warning about the summer of TamilNadu and wanted to go before March. So, when we found a weekend (last weekend of February) when all three of us were free, we desperately finalised the trip.

Subhomoy booked tickets from Hyderabad to Chennai and I booked the hotel in Pondicherry. On 25th February 2017 three of us started for Pondicherry on my Alto.

We started from Mahindra World City, which is around 40 km south of Chennai. So, we were already closer to Pondicherry than Chennai residents. After around 2 hours of drive, we reached Pondicherry. Before entering the town, we decided to go to Auroville. Auroville is a small experimental township founded by Mirra Alfassa (the Mother) with the ideologies of Rishi Aurobindo.

From Auroville, we moved to the Auroville beach which is a short drive away.


At around 12 at noon, we reached Pondicherry and checked in Kailash guest house. The guest house was a nice old building converted to its present format. We were happy that the guest house was so close to the beach. After getting fresh, we headed for the Italian restaurant “The Pasta Bar Veneto” that Subhomoy had found out from Zomato.

After an awesome lunch, we started to explore the white town area by foot.

Though the weather was not so bad, we were soon tired of walking. We took a masala milk break and a short respite by the sea.

The famous Rishi Aurobindo Ashrama is situated in this white town area. Both of me and Tirthankar had visited the ashram on our previous visits. So this time we skipped it.

Around the ashram area, I spotted a rickshaw with tcolours, white and blue stripes which are the colors of the French national flag. No wonder that this rickshaw was parked on “Rue de la Marine”.

Soon we were hungry from whole day’s walking. We took our dinner from a restaurant named Spice Kitchen. Unfortunately, we were too hungry (and thirsty ;)) to take keep a photo of this place.

It was around 10:00 in the night when we came out of the restaurant. The streets were still full of people. The vehicles are banned on the main road beside the rocky beach between evening 6:00 to morning 7:30. So, walking along this road in the evening is very peaceful. We walked extreme south of the road and went down to the sand beach where some boats were parked.

I noticed the beautiful white clouds floating around. So, I decided to make a time-lapse video. While searching for a good spot for the time-lapse, we came across the “Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges”. This church was illuminated with light and provided us the perfect view for the video.

The next day, we woke up late. We checked out of our guest house and decided to roam around the unseen areas of white town by car. The sun was already up and the heat was on. So, the streets were mostly empty. I drove in the speed of a rickshaw and stopped whenever we found something interesting.

This town is full of photography friendly houses.

We had our lunch from Villa Helena. It was near to the place where we stopped for photographing these buildings.

We decided to go to Mahabalipuram from here. I wanted to go back home before dark and so we had to start for Mahab just after the lunch.